Queuing for SIM cards? Only in Canada.

Public Mobile Lineup - Vancouver

What we’re looking at here is a photo tweeted on Saturday afternoon from Vancouver—where folks are lining up to buy SIM cards from TELUS flanker brand Public Mobile. Why? Because that carrier ran a fall promotion which expired at midnight last night, and to ensure as many sign-ups as possible they were physically handing out SIMs in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Here are the details of that plan, from its announcement thread here on the forums:

90 Day Plan
Unlimited Province Wide Calling
Unlimited Global Text / MMS
12GB of Data
$120 every 90 Days

There’s also a $2 autopay credit per month, making this as low as $38 per month.

That’s right, 4GB/month for $38. For Canada that’s an exceptionally good deal.

It’s not perfect, mind you. There is no nationwide calling, and though there are no data overage charges per se (it’s a prepaid plan), additional data is a not-so reasonable $15 for 500MB. On the other hand, my last four cell phone bills show an average data usage of under 3GB, so I’d reckon that 4GB/month is a an acceptably big bucket for a lot of people.

Public Mobile Lineup - Toronto

From reddit, here’s a photo taken last Friday from where Public Mobile was selling SIMs in Toronto. I was hoping to visit myself on Saturday but it was raining most of the day and I was jet lagging pretty hard.

If anyone reading this lined up for a Public Mobile SIM I’d love to hear about your experience. And a hearty congrats to everyone who signed up before the midnight deadline last night!

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