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I’m no fan of Google’s iPhones and it doesn’t seem like many of you are, either. I am, however, duly impressed with Android Police’s reporting on the devices prior to their official launch. Leaks came early and often—AP had full specs for one of the phones as far back as last June.

Now they’ve taken the unprecedented (for a tech blog) step of revisiting their Pixel coverage and grading themselves on what they got right and what they got wrong. Since they got almost everything right the exercise amounts to a pat on their collective backs, but the accuracy of their reporting is impressive, nonetheless—that is, with one notable exception.

Here’s a summary of AP’s scorecard:

Marlin, Sailfish codenames – accurate
Marlin, Sailfish specs – accurate
Marlin, Sailfish renders – mostly accurate
Leaked photo of Sailfish – accurate
Pixel, Pixel XL product names – accurate
Pixel, Pixel XL pricing, Pixel Protect pricing – mostly accurate, but incomplete
Pixel, Pixel XL IP 53 rating – accurate

So what did they get wrong? Here’s the mea culpa from David Ruddock:

Back in June, The Telegraph suggested Google would release a Google-branded smartphone. It ended up, technically, being smartphones, but still – I suggested this rumor was poppycock at the time, because we still believed the new smartphones by Google would be branded as Nexuses, albeit without manufacturer cobranding. As such, I [incorrectly] interpreted this rumor as suggesting a third phone would be released, and there obviously never was a third phone.

Hey, you can’t win ’em all. And I’m sure David wasn’t the only Android fan hoping for a Nexus this year…

Source: Android Police

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