There is No Room in My Life for a $1,000 Phone

Pixel Canadian Pricing

$1,179 CAD. That’s what Google Canada wants for a 128 GB Pixel XL. To say that I’m not interested would be a massive understatement.

And it’s not like I don’t love gadgets; it’s just that I buy enough of them to have a pretty good idea of what I’m willing to spend. As a reference, here’s my own personal computer allowance:

Desktop computer – $2,000 – upgraded every two to three years
Laptop computer – $1,000 – upgraded every two to three years
Smartphone – $500 – upgraded every year
Smartwatch – $250 – upgraded every year

But wait, you say, you can get a 32 GB Pixel for only $899 CAD. Yeah, no thanks… over the summer I bought a ThinkPad for the same price.

But wait, you say, you can finance a Pixel through your carrier or even Google. Again, no thanks… The only phone I ever financed from anyone was the 2011 Galaxy Nexus—and I ended up having to pay that off early when I changed carriers and got the Nexus 4.

But wait, you say, the Pixel has a much better camera than your stupid OnePlus 3. That may be, but for the $660 CAD in savings (the OP3 ships to Canada for $519) I can buy a pretty decent DSLR with a better lens and sensor than any smartphone currently on the market.

I don’t think of myself as cheap, I just don’t see any value in Google’s new phones.

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