Are You Ready for the OnePlus 3 Plus?

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Make of this rumour what you will. I’m still trying to deal with the name.

In the past few days two separate sources have reported that there will shortly be a super-sized OnePlus 3. Thankfully, there’s no confirmed moniker for the actual phone; “OnePlus 3 Plus” is, at least for the moment, pure conjecture.

So why would OnePlus dilute their 2016 product line with a second device? To capitalize on the Note7 disaster would be a good reason, but there’s another, more practical one: the company is apparently having a lot of trouble securing AMOLED panels for production, and a new phone would give OnePlus an excuse to switch to LCD.

Here’s phoneArena‘s “supply chain source” confirming this:

Why would the company release a new model when the OnePlus 3 is still one of the best value for money phones in the market? Well, [our supply chain source] says that the company plans to change the CPU inside, most likely use the newer and faster Snapdragon 821. Further, another reason for releasing a new model could be to shift from AMOLED to LCD panels, as AMOLED supply shortage seems to be one of the big reasons why OnePlus 3 is unable to keep up the production in tune to the demand.

Huh. A quick check of OnePlus Canada Store shows a three-week shipping estimate for the Graphite model, and that Soft Gold is out of stock entirely. I think at launch the shipping time was five days…

Anyway, the second source is a translated social media post by Chinese phone industry analyst Pan Jiutang, which has Gizmochina convinced that a super-sized OnePlus is imminent. By the way, the other name being bandied about is the OnePlus 3S—more derivative but a lot less ridiculous.

Sources: Gizmochina, phoneArena

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