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AnTuTu - September, 2016

Yesterday BGR found AnTuTu’s listing for the top ten smartphones of September on their Chinese site—they should be published in English anytime now. Anyway, the story, according to BGR, is that the new iPhones “crush” the iPhones from Google (aka Pixel). Thing is, the Google iPhones haven’t even been benchmarked yet; the claim is based solely on the fact that the number three handset is powered by the same Snapdragon 821 processor as the Pixel (aka Google iPhone).

Sure, that’s fair. But when I look at these results I see a completely different story. I see a chart that’s dominated by Chinese OEMs, and of the seven Chinese brands in this list, only one of them—the OnePlus 3—is available for purchase here in the Americas.

For your reference, I’ve linked each of the Chinese phones to their respective pages on GSM Arena:

3. LeEco Pro 3 – Snapdragon 821

4. Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus – Snapdragon 821

5. Xiaomi Mi 5S -Snapdragon 821

6. OnePlus 3 – Snapdragon 820

7. vivo Xplay 5 – Snapdragon 652

9. LeEco Le Max 2 – Snapdragon 820

10. Nubia Z11 – Snapdragon 820

All of them are powered by Snapdragon processors, so with proper LTE band support they could all conceivably work here. I’ve a feeling that Canada and the U.S. are missing out on some powerful, competitively-priced Android hardware!

There’s one bit of good news: LeEco has something planned for the USA on October 19th. Maybe Canada too? Please?

Sources: AnTuTu (Chinese site), BGR, Techno Buffalo

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