What ELSE to Expect from Google Today

Google Pixel in Blue

The Pixel and Pixel XL won’t be the only hardware that Google will be announcing at 9am Pacific Time today, though they’ll obviously be a big part of the event—oh look, here they are in blue and silver.

Over the summer there have been rumours and leaks of other devices which, taken together, would suggest that Google is pushing further into VR, further into your home and further into your life… like there was ever any doubt that they would. 🙄

Here then, is an early look at what else is likely to be announced by Google today.

Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

A new update to the Chromecast will support 4K video and HDR content, and will reportedly sell for $69 USD.

Daydream VR Headset

Google Daydream VR Headset

A significant upgrade from Google Cardboard, this Daydream-compatible headset will offer a physical remote with buttons and motion sensors. It’s expected to sell for $79 USD.

Google Home

Google Home

This knockoff of—sorry, competitor to—the Amazon Echo was announced back in May at Google I/O. Its expected retail price will be $129 USD.

Google WiFi

Google WiFi

Unfortunately I don’t have a proper image for this one—pictured above is Google’s previous WiFi router, OnHub. Apparently that product will be abandoned for a new router that will sell for $129 USD. With this new one you’ll supposedly be able to connect multiple units to cover an entire home.

Oh, and one more thing…

There are rumours of an entirely new operating system, codenamed Andromeda, which is said to combine elements of Android and Chrome OS and be optimized for laptops and tablets. It’s possible that it will be mentioned in passing today, but the consensus seems to be that it won’t be ready for a public release until early next year.

If you’ve got an hour or two to kill and want to see a livestream of the event you can do so right here:

And be sure to check the news round-up later today to make sure I got everything right!

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