How to get Unlimited Internet on Sprint for $500/year (tax-deductible)

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I found an interesting deal on mobile hotspot Internet service from Sprint, courtesy of author and Internet freedom fighter Cory Doctorow.

The Calyx Institute is a registered nonprofit ISP—the first ISP, in fact, to ever get a Patriot Act warrant unsealed. They’re able to offer mobile Internet service through Sprint thanks to a condition of that company’s 2013 acquisition of Clearwire. There was a stipulation in that deal that nonprofits get access to the network at very low prices.

You’re technically paying for a membership, not the Internet service itself. But the Internet service is a pretty sweet perk. I’ll let Cory explain:

Calyx uses the wireless data service as a membership premium to help pay for their crypto and privacy supporting activities: to pay for multiple gigabit connections, data center space, etc.. to offer a whole array of free security and privacy services to the public including our LEAP based VPN, their encrypted instant messaging service, and their many Tor exit nodes.

The upshot? For $500, Calyx will send you a little wifi hotspot with a Sprint SIM in it that comes with a year’s worth of unlimited, anonymous, unshaped, unfiltered 4G/LTE bandwidth on Sprint’s network. Unlimited as in, I downloaded 60GB with mine and it didn’t break a sweat.

And it’s a tax-deductible charitable donation.

Calyx isn’t supposed to call their service unlimited; they refer to it as 30GB+. The thing is, after 30GB in transfers nothing changes; the user isn’t throttled in any way and there are no overage charges whatsoever. Even better, the cost of service drops to $400 after the first year, since you’ll already have the hotspot required to access the network.

Carrying around an extra piece of gear can be a burden, but has advantages as well. For example, it’s generally much safer to connect your laptop to your own hotspot than to someone else’s WiFi network. You’ll also be the instant life of the party for your cheapskate friends who have little or no data of their own.

If anyone jumps on this and joins the Calyx Institute, let the rest of us know if it’s as good as it sounds!

Source: Calyx Institute via Cory Doctorow

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