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OnePlus AMA Proof

Yesterday some folks from OnePlus appeared on r/Android for what they called their September Software Edition AMA. The company announced their second carrier agreement with UK operator O2 this week; OnePlus phones have also been available through Finland’s Elisa since May.

This AMA, however, was primarily conducted to address the code merge of their Western and Chinese market ROMs. On hand were the following staff:

Brian (Head of ROM Product) – /u/BrianTheBigBear
Aaron (Android Technical Lead) – /u/Aaron_oneplus
Omega (Rom Dev Lead) – /u/OmegaHsu
Carl (Head of Global) – /u/Carpe02
Bradon (Community/Marketing) – /u/BradonOP

My cherry-picked highlights can be read directly below.

[–]MikeyyL2304 100 points 19 hours ago
Can you tell us a little bit more about what’s happening with Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS right now?

[–]BrianTheBigBearOnePlus – Head of ROM Product 199 points 19 hours ago
We combined platform, system and framework already. Application layer is separated. So, global users will still have the Oxygen experience and users in China will have Hydrogen experience.

[–]_transience 48 points 19 hours ago
How do you plan on merging the Hydrogen and Oxygen? How will you satisfy “both worlds”?

[–]carpe02OnePlus: Carl, co-founder 103 points 19 hours ago
Since the beginning, OxygenOS and HydrogenOS have had common code on framework and kernel levels, with the “merge”, we’re having them share more and more code on the Android and app levels too.
A good product is a good product no matter what part of the world you’re in, we don’t see it as two worlds. Some might have taken the community betas as an indication of future direction, whereas we’ve meant for it to be somewhere we can experiment and quickly react to user feedback.

[–]yooouuri 48 points 19 hours ago
When do you release the camera/hal sources?

[–]carpe02OnePlus: Carl, co-founder 108 points 18 hours ago
Full unprotected source code? Never.
Something that community ROMs can use? We’re discussing how to get it done.

[–]crispaperNexus 4 | Nougat 5 points 19 hours ago
Hi guys, thanks for doing this AMA, do you have a power bank with Dash charge support in the works? It would be much appreciated 😉

[–]carpe02OnePlus: Carl, co-founder 7 points 18 hours ago
We were discussing this for the longest time, and we did a survey on our forums with a really positive response. However, we decided to shelve the idea as Dash Charge allows you to spend less time charging and we felt like carrying a power bank would be a bit counterintuitive to that.

[–]K-NineHDOnePlus 3 (FreedomOS 1.7CE), Xiaomi MiPad (Bditas CM11) 17 points 18 hours ago
Sorry for this not being a strictly software question…
I have a few questions about your recent announcement with O2 UK
Will the phone still have 2 Sims?
Will the device be locked to O2?
Will there be any O2 bloat installed?
Will you let any carriers install bloat to the phone?
Do you have any plans for expansion into more countrys? (Cough cough Ireland)

[–]carpe02OnePlus: Carl, co-founder 45 points 18 hours ago
Always looking to expand in the right way

[–]bad-_-horseHTC One Verizon, Android 4.4 20 points 19 hours ago
Has your focus shifted from providing good phones on a budget or will you still aim to have good and cheap phones? Will you release multiple tiers of phones at once?

[–]BradonOPOnePlus – Community/Marketing[S] 63 points 19 hours ago
We’ve never made a “cheap” phone, and pricing has never been a main focus for us. We start by creating the best products we can and go from there. That said, we are pretty proud of our streamlined operations which allow us to be competitive in terms of pricing.

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