iPhone vs. Samsung: a v7 Camera Comparison

Here’s YouTuber and Android Authority contributer Krystal Key, comparing the iPhone 7’s camera (the single-lensed model) with its Galaxy S7 counterpart—and also the Note7, as the two Samsung flagships share the same optics.

I think it’s a more instructive comparison than the speed test I posted a few days ago; anyone in the market for either of these phones is likely to be interested in their cameras above all else.

So who wins? It’s a tough call. The iPhone seems to capture more accurate colours but has a tendency to underexpose, while the Galaxy does everything it can to produce an image more pleasing to the eye—dialing up the saturation and wiping away minor skin blemishes with its beauty mode. I’m willing to bet that in the absence of one you’d be perfectly happy with the other.

Which camera do you think does a better job?

Source: Krystal Key on YouTube

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