Google Allo and the Rise of the Super App

Allo icon

Sometime overnight Allo, Google’s mobile-first messaging app, went live. Available for both Android and iOS, it may or may not be ready for download in your country or to your specific device—but Android users can at least grab the officiall package from Android Police’s APK Mirror.

Reading through the feature list on the official website I can already tell that this app is not for me; it’s meant for a user whose primary—possibly only—connection to the Internet is through their smartphone. There’s currently no desktop client for it, nor do there seem to be any data portability options. You register for Allo with a Google account and a phone number, though the Google hook-up is only necessary if you want to interact with Google’s chatbot, @google.

Out of the gate Allo faces some stiff competition from more established players in the rich messaging racket, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and a slew of alternatives whose popularity will depend on what part of the world you call home. So why even bother?

The answer to that question might lie in this video produced by the New York Times and posted to YouTube last month:

TL;DW Facebook, Google and the rest are all aiming to be the next super app—that is, the WeChat of the Western World.

Links: App Store, APK Mirror, Google Play

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