Watch an iPhone 7 Lap a Galaxy Note 7

It’s not even a fair fight, but the video doesn’t lie: Apple’s latest iPhone—the smaller one—handily laps Samsung’s latest phablet in this video head-to-head by PhoneBuff, and does so without breaking a sweat (or exploding).

The savvy Android user will already know that the Note 7 isn’t a worthy competitor here. First, it’s burdened with Samsung’s extra apps and processes. Second, XDA’s exhaustive performance testing of the Note 7 shows that it lags—literally—behind its Android competition in almost every action. And finally, XDA has also demonstrated that the Snapdragon version of the Note (the one in the video) has inferior peak CPU performance to the Exynos version of the same device.

So what would be a worthy competitor to the iPhone? For that we might have to wait until popular benchmarking sites publish their September results. Antutu‘s report for August claims that the iPhone 6S is outperformed by the Galaxy S7 edge and a sextet of Chinese Android phones; I myself tend to favour real-world testing over synthetic benchmarks.

So is on-device video rendering fair for a real-world test? It’s clearly where the Note falls behind in the video embedded above. For high-end flagships with high-end cameras I think it’s a reasonable metric. And sadly, Android fanboy that I am, I think we’ll have to cede this victory lap to Apple.

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