Google will Announce the Pixel and Pixel XL on October 4th

Pixel logo (I think?)

Nexus is dead; long live Pixel? That’s what a pair of new exclusives from Android Police would seem to suggest.

Overnight they reported that the two new Google-branded HTC phones, the 5-inch Sailfish and 5.5-inch Marlin, would launch as the Pixel and Pixel XL, respectively. An hour later they published a launch date: Tuesday, October 4th. The phones will supposedly be announced alongside a Daydream VR viewer and 4K Chromecast.

So what would Pixel branding mean for Android modders? Nothing good, I fear. Using the Android-powered Pixel C tablet as an example there is still, more than 9 months after its release, no official TWRP recovery available, and rooting it—on Marshmallow, at least—requires flashing a custom kernel. To be fair, though, it’s widely thought that the C was originally intended to run Chrome OS, and as such might well have some wonky code that would impede an otherwise straightforward rooting procedure.

Does Pixel branding make you any more or less interested in a white-label HTC phone?

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