Wearable Wednesdays: A Fitness Tracker from McDonald’s (??)

McDonald's Step-it

This story came and went while I was on break, but bears recording in the annals of HoFo for generations to come. History needs to remember that McDonald’s made a fitness tracker, and it was awful.

Step-it was a free step-counter included with Happy Meals to help kids burn off the calories from said Happy Meals. I suppose I’ll eventually to come to grips with a world where children have to track their own fitness; even so, with a free step-counter you get what you pay for—which is to say not much.

Step-its were manufactured in six bright colours and two styles, and within their first week of availability were recalled—not because of the expected class-action suit for wildly inaccurate step-counts, but because McDonald’s received more than 70 complaints about skin irritation, blisters and burns.

If you or your child has a Step-it you can return it to any McDonald’s for an unnamed replacement toy plus a free yogurt tube or bag of apple slices—what a deal! If you don’t have a Step-it, some savvy entrepreneurs are already offering entire sets of them on eBay.

Just remember to choose your seller wisely, and don’t get burned. Literally.

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