Travel-Testing the OnePlus 3

OP3 @ Heskjedalsfossen

Here’s the girlfriend’s OnePlus 3 capturing the action at Heskjedalsfossen, a photo opp on a fjord cruise to Mostraumen, Norway. This was the first big road test for our pair of OP3s, and they performed admirably.

Usually when we go on vacation I pack a pair of small tablets for us to use at the hotel, while our phones are recovering from a long day of sightseeing. But with the OP3’s Dash Charging and the big battery/HD screen combo those tablets lay dormant in my suitcase for the duration of the trip.

This alone makes the OnePlus 3 a good choice for those who like to travel. But of course there’s an even better reason to bring this phone with you abroad.


OP3 Dual SIM settings

This was our first experience using a dual SIM device, and while it’s not a must-have feature it’s a very handy way to stay connected with friends and family at home.

My girlfriend continued to get all of her office gossip via text; she couldn’t reply without egregious roaming fees on her home SIM, but could easily jump into the conversation via WhatsApp. As for me, my aging mom’s caregivers communicate with me mostly by SMS, so it was comforting to know that I could easily be reached in case of a scheduling issue, or worse.

Administering a second SIM is as easy as selecting the options you see in the screen grab above. Both SIM slots support LTE data so it doesn’t matter which card goes where. It’d be nice if you could use one of the slots for a microSD card; on the other hand, even with full TWRP backups I’m barely using half of my OP3’s 64GB of internal storage.

The OnePlus 3 ships SIM-unlocked, of course, which makes it easy for travellers who use local SIMs while abroad. I’m fairly confident that you will never see a dual-SIM phone on offer from any North American carrier. And certainly not a Canadian one.

A Credible Camera

Royal Palace

I had no complaints with the OnePlus 3’s camera. I myself don’t shoot a lot of selfies or video, but for any situation where my DSLR wasn’t handy the OP3 did just fine.

Above and below this text are two embedded photos from my Flickr account; one from my OP3 and the other from a Nikon. Click through to compare them pixel by pixel, if that’s your thing.

Royal Palace


I want to mention two other aspects of the OnePlus 3 that I really like. One is the first-party cases. Both my girlfriend and I have the wallet-style OnePlusĀ  cases, which keep the screen protected while the phones are tucked away in purses, carry-on or camera bags. And speaking of screen protection, both of our OP3s still have the plastic screen protector that the phones shipped with. Despite religiously wiping mine the protector is a little worse for wear; I’ll probably be replacing it with the tempered glass protector soon.

All this is only to say that the OnePlus 3 is my new favourite phone, one that I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, traveller or not!

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