New Nexus Leaks from Android Police

Nexus Launcher

Android Police has a trio of new Nexus leaks, which I will now share in order of most to least interesting.

First up is a new launcher, which will apparently make its début on the pair of HTC-made devices expected this fall. As you can see in this gif, the app drawer button has been replaced by an indicator (with swipe-up gesture), and there’s now a button/tab combo in place of the persistent Google search bar.

These two elements alone give your home screen significantly more real estate to play with, which I like. A lot.

But wait, there’s more!

Nexus Swipe Gesture

The new Nexuses will also feature a new hardware gesture: swiping down on the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor will bring up notifications on your screen.

Apparently you can already do this on some Huawei devices; it’s probably going to suck for anyone who puts their Nexus in a case.

Nexus Wallpaper

Android Police has also somehow gotten hold of the new Nexus wallpapers. Pro tip: the app Walloid will let you load any late-model flagship wallpaper onto your device—including the ones leaked by AP.

There’s even been a rumoured release date for the new Nexuses—October 4th. That particular tidbit was posted by XDA but the source, Droid Life, seems to have since pulled the story.

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