Dash Charge Now Available for OnePlus 3 Custom ROMs

Dash Charge Plug

XDA rightly calls the OnePlus 3 the perfect tinkerer’s device, with one big caveat: the code for their proprietary Dash Charging technology was not made available at launch. This means that none of the 20 currently available custom ROMs for the device support fast charging of any kind.

Thankfully this is about to change; XDA reported yesterday that OnePlus has published the binaries and kernel source code for Dash.

This is great news for modders, but there’s even better news for users running stock firmware: in the six weeks since the OnePlus 3 launched there have already been three software updates—which is actually bad news for modders, as those updates haven’t yet been open sourced.

Overall though, I’d say that OnePlus is doing a much better job with software support than they have in the past. Remember when we had to wait six months for Lollipop on the OnePlus One? Hopefully those days are long gone!

Source: XDA Developers

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