Cyanogen Releases Flashable C-Apps

Cyanogen C-Apps

Cyanogen, Inc. did something unexpected this week, releasing what I would consider the “crown jewels” of their custom ROM as a separate, flashable zip.

Android Police tipped me to the existence of C-Apps, a bundle of five proprietary applications that can be flashed to any Android ROM with an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery. Those apps are: AudioFX, Cyanogen Account, Gallery, Theme Chooser and Truecaller Integrated Dialer.

Why would an Android user want this? For starters, Cyanogen’s Music Player has enjoyed a very good reputation among modders for a few years now. Their newer theming engine is also very popular and, in my opinion, much more polished than the Layers alternative. Finally, these applications—together with an alternative app store like F-Droid—would be a godsend for a user seeking an Android experience without Google on-board.

Cyanogen describes their C-Apps as follows:

AudioFX delivers 24-bit High-Res Lossless Audio with bass boost, surround, reverb, and 13 preset configurations.

Cyanogen Account gives you access to the “Find My Phone” feature, as well as the ability to remote wipe and remote lock your phone.

Gallery brings together all your photos from disparate services, automatically sorting them and removing duplicates.

Theme Chooser allows you to mix components from any theme—so you can create a theme that’s truly your own.

The robust caller ID included in Truecaller Integrated Dialer allows you to identify and block incoming spam.

Would a Cyanogen account enable Cyanogen, Inc. to help themselves to your personal data? Probably. But based on my own experiences with CyanogenMod signing up for an account at first boot isn’t mandatory.

Source: Android Police

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