Themable Android N Keyboard Now Available as Standalone App

Themable Google Keyboard

Having not actually played with the Android N preview yet I didn’t know that one of its many new features is a themable keyboard. You can change the colour to match your wallpaper and/or CM/Layers theme and select whether or not you want a border around your keys.

The keyboard, v5.1, has been available as a standalone download on APK Mirror since May, but according to Android Police the app is now rolling out to Play Store users around the world.

To see Google’s new keyboard in action I can think of no better YouTube demo than the one just posted by Roni Webb, who gets my vote as the most entertaining video presenter on XDA. Enjoy!

What do you think of Google’s new keyboard? Is it enough to win you back from a third party alternative?

Sources: Android Police, XDA

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