Which OnePlus 3 has sRGB?

OnePlus 3 - sRGB

The OnePlus 3 was released last month to mostly favourable reviews. One of the few notable exceptions was AnandTech, who called out the screen as the worst display they had ever seen. The reason cited was the display calibration, and OnePlus was quick to address this with a software update that included an option for sRGB colour space in the developer options.

I flashed that update on my OnePlus 3 this week, and thought it might be instructive to compare sRGB with OnePlus’s default colour calibration. The catch? I’m not going to tell you which one is which; you’re going to have to guess!

OnePlus 3 - Speedtest.net

OnePlus 3 - SMPTE Bars

OnePlus 3 - Solid Explorer

OnePlus 3 - Play Store

If enough of you are willing to guess I’ll provide you with the answer, which may or may not surprise you. And if nobody cares at least consider this: isn’t it nice that users have a choice?

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