Your Unofficial and Exhaustive Guide to Google Now Voice Commands

"Ok Google"

A thoughtful person who goes by the handle Kitze has taken it upon himself to create an online directory of over 150 Google Now voice commands and their more than a thousand variations. His site,, must have had a lot of traffic yesterday as word of it got out on reddit; I wasn’t even able to connect to it until this morning.

I already knew at least one particularly useful command, the one where you can save a list to Google Keep and then say:

“Ok Google, add [item] to [list].”

And now, thanks to this guide, I also know that I can also use Google Now for device control—I can increase/decrease the screen brightness, toggle Bluetooth, even take a selfie. The site has many other categories of commands, including messaging, navigation, travel, weather, web browsing and others.

The list is very much a work in progress. Additions, typos, etc. can be reported to the author via github. There has also been a promise that the data will be open sourced soon, making it even more useful for the Android community.

Kudos to Kitze!

Links: Ok Google, via r/Android

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