Egregious New Data Overages Coming to Fido; Other Carriers to Follow?

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$5 for 100MB.

That would be a great deal for mobile data if it were 2003 and we were all browsing text-only WAP pages on our GPRS-connected dumb phones. Unfortunately, it’s 2016 and $5/100MB is the new data overage rate in the works from Fido.

Mobile Syrup reported yesterday that the Rogers sub-brand is revamping their monthly plans. Perhaps lost in the all details is this new overage rate, which amounts to an astonishing $50 per gigabyte. Their current standard is $5 per 250MB, or $20/GB. Not three years ago you’d be dinged a mere $10 for an extra gigabyte of data.

It would certainly be a challenge to stay within the 100MB data allotment that Fido still offers one at least one plan, unless you’re the type of user who doesn’t really use data at all, and instead relies on the very real security risk inherent in public WiFi hotspots.

It’s a pretty safe bet that in short order Canada’s other national carriers will match the new overage rate set by Fido; they’re like neighbouring gas stations that way.

If you wanted to take this opportunity to negotiate for something better, iPhone in Canada has the scoop on a $50 3GB/month retention plan with a data overage rate of $5/250MB. That’s certainly better than any of the new plans that Fido is launching next week!

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