Android Authority Deletes Anti-OnePlus 3 Rant

Android Authority: Strike Out

Yesterday morning I came across a post on the OnePlus subreddit with evidence that Android Authority had published, then deleted, an overly-critical opinion piece on the OnePlus 3. Unfortunately (for AA) a Google cache of the post—Strike Out: OnePlus’ 3rd flagship isn’t adding up for me—can still be read in its entirety, along with comments posted before it was pulled.

So why was it pulled? Is the invisible hand of OnePlus somehow controlling the tech media and preventing disparaging words about its new flagship ever seeing the light of day? Or is there another, less sinister reason? Let’s put on our detective caps and find out!

I won’t post the entire text of the piece (it’s too long) but here’s the opening salvo:

The phone hasn’t even been official for a week yet and the Internet is already thrashing it. Some of the charges lobbed at the device? The display is a paltry Full HD (1920 X 1080) in resolution, something befitting of a flagship from 2013. The camera sticks out because the company opted to make the phone thinner than some would have liked. The battery is “only” 3000mAh, owing to the sleek shape. Perhaps most damning of all however, despite it having a staggering six gigabytes of RAM, the phone can’t even seem to manage it properly.

“The Internet is thrashing it”… with no citation. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places, but I’ve so far found no evidence of this “thrashing” that AA speaks of. There is apparently a legitimate concern about the OP3’s RAM, but XDA has already posted a fix for the issue.

Next up is an analysis of a recent AA poll, entitled What would you change about the OnePlus 3?

Over 20% of respondents have issues with the lack of a QHD display, and almost 40% feel the battery is too small. Others take issue with the fingerprint sensor placement.

And 0% of the respondents answered “nothing”… because that wasn’t even an option. From there things really start going off the rails:

OnePlus needs to decide what it wants to be. Either it needs to start providing top notch offerings that make people pay attention to it in a positive way, or else it needs to settle on being just another rudimentary OEM making low priced devices.

Either way, the situation needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. The company has gradually become a joke in the eyes of many, and its products are thereby instant and immediate targets for public humiliation.

Ok, I get it now… it’s a hate piece. That would certainly explain the lack of backup for any of the author’s sweeping statements. It would also explain, at least for me, why the piece was pulled: 2,152 words that amount to “OnePlus sucks”.

Full disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of Android Authority. Their blog posts and  YouTube voice-overs read and sound to me like they were captured through speech-to-text software and never proofread. This particular article annoys me more than usual—not so much because I’m a OnePlus fanboy but more that I’m a student of non-reprehensible blogging.

What do you make of Android Authority’s de-published hit piece?

Source: r/OnePlus

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