In Video: The OnePlus 3

One Plus 3 via The Verge

I think it’s fair to call this week’s launch of the OnePlus 3 a success.

This past Tuesday, after an exclusive (if ultimately unnecessary) product launch in VR, open sales of the device began a few hours later. Within an hour or so of that, reviews from big tech blogs and notable YouTubers magically appeared. And the very next day saw seven pop-up events around the world, with phones available for purchase at each and every one of them.

Things like this are hard to pull off at all, let alone pull off well. But OnePlus managed to do it. And the phone doesn’t seem to be too bad, either. 😉

Today I’ve assembled yet another YouTube playlist—this one looking back at the week that was for OnePlus. Enjoy!

An unboxing video… from the company that made the box, along with everything inside it. A bit weird until you consider how much thought OnePlus puts into the presentation of their gear. I think I’ll allow it.

Here’s Sasha Segan of PC Magazine with the unboxing of his “reviewer’s edition” kit. OnePlus must have spent a lot of money getting these into the right hands at the right time. How come Howard didn’t get one?

Flossy Carter apparently likes the OP3 better than his Hawaii 5X. 🙄

Entertaining as always, this video also shows the long lineups at the NYC pop-up event, along with all the swag that attendees got there.

MKBHD’s video was the first OP3 review I saw on launch day. He and OnePlus—and parent company Oppo, for that matter—go way back.

Right of the heels of MKBHD was this video review by The Verge. You can read the text version here.

Fellow Canadian Linus Sebastian also had good things to say about the OnePlus 3.

I guess this is what happens when you let your product speak for itself, and focus instead on the things that matter—like logistics. Current OP3 orders will ship within 6 business days. When you consider how hard it was to get a OnePlus phone in the past, this is really kind of amazing. In fact, OnePlus is currently doing better at fulfillment orders than Nexus ever has at launch. Kudos for that!

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