Sample Images from the OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Leak

Here’s the OnePlus 3’s camera assembly, courtesy of an ad posted to Weibo by a Chinese case maker. You can see more OP3 images on GizChina, but today we’re focusing specifically on the device’s camera. Bad pun, sorry…

As the hype machine spools up for the OnePlus 3’s official reveal next Tuesday, camera and image quality are big concerns for prospective buyers. The OnePlus One could—somewhat amazingly—capture 4K video, but for stills it was merely average. The optics on its successor were largely the same, leading some notable tech blogs to wonder if the OnePlus 2 even had optical image stabilization as claimed. And the OnePlus X? According to GSMArena: not bad but hardly stellar.

So yesterday OnePlus took the proactive step of posting some sample OnePlus 3 images to its Twitter account. Unfortunately Twitter strips out the EXIF data from uploaded photos, but you can at least get an idea of what the OP3 camera can do.

OnePlus 3 - Rocks

OnePlus 3 - Snow

OnePlus 3 - Fireworks

OnePlus 3 - Boats

UPDATE: OnePlus uploaded the same photo gallery to Google+, a social media platform that does not strip EXIF data from uploaded images. But there’s no available metadata beyond file size and resolution. That’s a shame.

Sources: GizChina, @OnePlus on Twitter, OnePlus on Google+

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