Wearable Wednesdays: Spoiler Alert!

Pixel Miner

If you have Pixel Miner installed on your Pebble be warned: I’m about to tell you how the game ends.

And it’s barely a game. A 2014 Gamasutra feature puts the goal of Pixel Miner like this: help a tiny man in a helmet dig pixels out of the ground, and spend those pixels on better equipment so he can dig faster. There’s a bit more to it than that, but not much.

It’s a simple premise for what amounts to an occasional diversion on your wrist. But in its own unassuming way Pixel Miner ends up testing the very limits of the Pebble and its OS.


Note the score on the screen grab above: 4,294,967,295. Having amassed all of the mining power-ups and score multipliers my installation of Pixel Miner has been stuck at this score for over a month. I posted on r/pebble and asked why.

It turns out that 4,294,967,295 is equivalent to the hexadecimal value of FFFFFFFF, the maximum value for an unsigned integer in 32-bit computers.

The bad news is that a boss fight or some similar grandiose ending doesn’t await you in Pixel Miner; as soon as this high score is reached the counters just stop. That’s not to say that the game doesn’t have value, though—even if it wasn’t a fun diversion (and it is) at the very least it taught me a lesson in math!

Links: Pebble App Store, Gamasutra, reddit, Wikipedia

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