Wearable Wednesdays: I Think I’ve Found the Smartwatch’s Killer Feature

Customized Pebble Time Steel

It’s customization.

Sure, you can swap out the band on the vast majority of watches out there, but only a smartwatch gives you the ability to change the watch face to match the band. The pair of photos you see here were taken on the same day; you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re two different watches. Okay, it probably doesn’t help that I’m using the same watch face with both bands, but it definitely helps that the watch face in question has a customizable colour palette.

Notifications on your wrist may be the raison d’ĂȘtre for smartwatches, but changeable faces and bands are what elevate them from the lowly fitness tracker.

As a member of Team Pebble I’m naturally of the opinion that the most useful and varied watch faces are available for that platform. It’s seems to me that the majority of options for Android Wear try too hard to mimic analog faces, though with a little digging I know I can be proven wrong.

Even Apple has come to understand the power of smartwatch customization. Kinda.

Unfortunately you’ll need a third-party adapter to wear an Apple Watch with your own band, but for Android Wear and Pebble your choices are really only limited by the width of band required for your particular watch. My new favourite band type is a diver’s silicon sport strap; here’s a link to the one I bought on Amazon Canada, seen in the photo above.

It’s a minor revelation, I suppose, and one that may already be obvious to you. But it at least helps me understand that that an important part of my smartwatch is style.

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