OnePlus Isn’t Quite Dead Just Yet

OnePlus 3

The other day while rummaging through a drawer I came across a pair of bright red USB cables and thought to myself: “What a shame about OnePlus.”

Despite a controversial marketing campaign and the invite system that everyone loved to hate, their first smartphone was actually pretty good; if nothing else the OnePlus One at least showed the world that in 2014 an extra 32GB of onboard storage didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Then came the OnePlus 2, which pretty much ruined the brand for Western markets—this “2016 flagship killer” (first sold in 2015) shipped with a USB-C cable that wasn’t up to basic spec. It was quickly followed by the OnePlus X, a device that no one asked for and few customers seemed to want.

But Carl Pei and company haven’t thrown in the towel just yet. Their OnePlus 3 will be officially unveiled on June 14th. And this one will at least have NFC.

Additional specs, according to Evan Blass, will be as follows:

5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display
Snapdragon 820
3,000mAh battery
64GB storage
16MP rear camera
OxygenOS 3.1 (Android N)

For the phone’s launch OnePlus offered its remaining fans 30,000 free VR headsets over the weekend. I did have to pay $15.99 CAD shipping for mine, and really only bought one because a Samsung Gear VR costs $124 more. Hey, if the OP3 is a flop OnePlus might still have a sustainable business in the accessories racket…

Anyone excited about a new phone from OnePlus?

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