Your 2016 Google I/O Keynote Round-up

Google I/O Keynote

So the annual Google I/O developer conference is underway, an event so big that this year it’s being held outdoors at The Shoreline Ampitheatre and its four adjacent parking lots.

Yesterday saw the keynote with various product managers from Google showcasing new features in Android and a new version of Android Wear, along with other apps and innovations. Today, with the help of XDA and YouTube, Allo Duo you a solid with a summary of yesterday’s news.

That awful joke will become apparent soon enough.

Google Assistant

The next version of Google Now is more like Apple’s Siri, using AI for more conversational interactions across multiple platforms—Android, Android Wear, Android Auto and the new Google Home.

Google Home

This is basically Google’s version of the Amazon Echo, an Internet appliance connected to your home network that sits on a counter somewhere so you can interact with Google services by voice.

Allo and Duo

Why have one chat app when you can have two? Allo is a new messaging app with better support for canned responses, emoji and chatbots. Duo is a dedicated video calling app.

Android N

Loads of news for devs, but the biggest new user-facing features are a “close all” button in the recents menu (finally!) and Unicode 9, bringing with it support for 72 new emoji! 😯

Instant Apps

Even in older versions of Android (going back to 4.3 Jelly Bean) you will soon be able to launch an app from a web search without installing the actual app. Not sure how runtime permissions are going to work with this…

Virtual Reality

Android N will have a new VR mode called Daydream, with improved graphics and hints of VR hardware being offered by Google at some point.

Android Wear 2.0

A new version of Android Wear features better handwriting and gesture support and a full on-screen keyboard for some reason.

For a better explanation of yesterday’s I/O announcements check out The Verge’s 10 minute edit of the keynote:

And for the hardcore fandroid, here are the 2 hour-plus proceedings in their entirety:

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