Wearable Wednesdays: Watch Geeks on Smartwatches

Watch Geek

Oh yes, watch geeks exist. In fact, the image for my last Wearable Wednesdays post was lifted from aBlogtoWatch—a site I’ve since added to my RSS reader to better marvel at the stunning luxury timepieces they write about.

This week I’m featuring another excellent piece from Wareable, wherein the author Sophie Chara talks to three mechanical watch experts about their views on connected wearables. The entire post is very much worth your time; my favourite quotes are posted immediately below.

“Thinking with my heart, smartwatches have no soul, and no matter how many different straps are offered, an Apple Watch wearer is just another Apple Watch wearer. Thinking with my head, smartwatches don’t hold their value. I could sell my Rolex now for more than I paid for it— you’d be lucky to get half your money back on a smartwatch after just a year, and probably loads less if the software’s no longer supported.”

– Simon Walker, Content Manager, TrustedReviews

“Will smartwatches take business away from mechanical Swiss watches, which start at about $1,000 and rise into the tens of thousands? Not very much. Will they take business away from $500-$1,000 Swiss or Japanese quartz watches? Probably yes.”

– Chris Hall, Editor, SalonQP

“I think the artistic, emotional, and personalized nature of being able to regularly and easily change watch dials is extremely important and has not been discussed enough.

– Ariel Adams, Founder and Editor, aBlogtoWatch

Aha! So there’s at least one thing your luxury mechanical timepiece can’t do…

Source: Wareable

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