A Trio of Leaked Motos

2016 Moto X

If these renders are to be believed, we now know what 2016’s Moto X, Moto G and Moto Droid look like. This first image is supposedly the Moto X. The images were published by a Google+ account called hellomotoHK; they were republished by Android Police, so presumably there’s some legitimacy to them.

New to the X is a physical home button with what will almost surely be a fingerprint reader. There’s also a curious 16-pin assembly on the back. Finally, there’s a cutout in the bottom lens assembly that might possibly house a dual LED flash, but at the very least will attempt to make users feel better about the flat tire on their Moto 360 smartwatch. Yeah, I went there. 😛

2016 Moto G

We can’t really see the camera lens on this Moto G render, but the physical home button is definitely there.

2016 Moto Droid

The 2016 Moto Droid sports a more rounded home button, along with a wicked cool Verizon logo directly above it </s>.

Assuming there’s any merit to these new designs, what do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?

Sources: hellomotoHK via Android Police

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