Did You Hear The One About Huawei?

Huawei P9 detail

Here’s a funny story that you may have missed; it broke while I was on break.

A previous post about 2016 being the year of the dual rear camera smartphone included news of the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus—both with camera modules designed and presumably manufactured by famous German camera maker Leica. Well, guess what? Turns out those modules are actually being made by Sunny Optical Technology of China. Oops.

Huawei and Leica were quick to release a joint statement on the matter, helpfully translated from marketing speak into plain English by Android Police’s David Ruddock:

“Leica’s contribution has involved collaborative development, evaluation and optimization of optical design in compliance with Leica standards.”

Optimistically: Leica literally helped Huawei design a camera lens system from the ground up. Pessimistically: Leica helped Huawei choose a lens in the Sunny Optical parts bin.

Ultimately, Huawei and Leica’s damage control only adds merit to a previous editorial by David, that smartphones and luxury brand partnerships are generally meaningless.

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