Wearable Wednesdays: Smartwatches For Women, By Women

Smartwatch.me's Kelly Boyle

I’m not yet sure if this is going to end up being a regular feature or not, but for the next couple of Wednesdays I’m going to devote this space to smartwatches and other wearables. Let me know if you like this idea or not.

Today I’d like to discuss a subject that’s rarely reported on in the gadget-sphere: smartwatches for women. According to Wikipedia wristwatches were made exclusively for women up until the early 20th century (men used pocketwatches), yet many modern smartwatches (Android Wear) look comically large on the female wrist.

With fashion in mind, Kelly Boyle has posted a very thorough round-up of smartwatches for women. Elsewhere, Erica Griffin laments the lack of innovation in the wearable space.

Here’s Kelly’s video round-up of female-friendly smartwatches; the accompanying text post can be read on Smartwatch.me:

Spoiler alert: Her picks are the Samsung Gear S2 Classic and Pebble Time Round, in rose and yellow gold, respectively.

A few months back YouTuber Erica Griffin wrote a rare text post for Pocketnow, in which she urges us to expect more from our wearable tech:

Imagine a world where the smartwatch could ping you with a few taps on your wrist, like the Apple Watch, and tell you when you are near a place or person of interest. It could help us become more aware of the world around us independent of our phones. It could biometrically track our health without us having to intervene; then, it could represent that data on its display in a way that is simple and meaningful. It could become a remote to control our homes and appliances. It could act as a walky talky to deliver simple voice messages to help us keep in touch without distracting all that we are doing. It would need to do all of these things without needing to be charged very often and without needing much more than our passing glance – a single moment of our attention. This is what we lack now. We are expecting to interact with it like our phones. It is NOT a phone! It should be an entirely different entity!

Now that’s a smartwatch I’d like to see…!

Sources: Wikipedia, Smartwatch.me, Pocketnow

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