Enjoy Mobile Korea? Don’t Mind If I Do!

EMK site grab

Way back in the beginning in February I posted a link in the daily news about a new initiative to bring tourists to Korea—up to 250 lucky visitors per week can enjoy a free Galaxy Note 5 for 5 days with 5 GB of free data, courtesy of Samsung, SK Telecom and the Korea Tourism Office.

The  contest site has since gone live, and after entering the missus and myself in three consecutive weekly draws we each got an email last night notifying us that we had both won. So… I guess we’re going to Korea?

Here’s a grab of my email notification, confirming that I’m the winner of the 3th event. 😉

EMK email

The dates I’ve selected for my free rental include my birthday on April 19th. You’re probably thinking: “Good luck finding a cheap flight to Korea and a place to stay with just two weeks notice.” Well, about that… There are some surprisingly good deals on this airline that I’ve not previously heard of. It’s called KORYO Air and connects to Korea from Moscow or Beijing. We land in Pyongyang rather than Incheon, but hey… Korea is Korea, right?

I also found a killer deal on a luxury hotel. This vacation is going to be sweet!

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