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Yesterday The Guardian ran a story on a new bug affecting users of iOS 9.3 and the popular travel app, which together have the potential to break links system-wide.

How does it work? iOS has a core system called Universal Links, responsible for linking apps and web addresses on phones and tablets. A recent version of the app contained thousands of URLs within a 2.3MB file, far more than a typical app. Launching the app can overwhelm Apple’s Universal Links and bring it down altogether. has since updated their app, but anyone running the affected version with an installation of iOS 9.3 might be surprised to find that they can no longer follow links to apps or sites on their device.

The bug is not the only issue that users are having with the latest release of iOS; some have reported a significant drop in battery life, others are complaining that their devices are practically unusable.

Have you been affected by the bug? Are you having other problems with iOS 9.3? Please reply to this thread and let us know!

Source: The Guardian

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