The iPhone SE in Video

iPhone SE

So there’s a new iPhone in town, the iPhone SE.

To vastly oversimplify, it’s Apple’s high-end internals stuffed into an iPhone 5 case, albeit a case that now supports fingerprint authentication via Touch ID. Those internals include Apple’s current A9 chip with embedded M9 co-processor, powering a 4 inch Retina Display and 12 megapixel camera that can shoot 4K video.

How much will it cost? The 64 GB model will set you back a very reasonable $499 USD outright, or a somewhat less reasonable $709 CAD. Apple doesn’t have much faith in the Canadian dollar, it seems.

Anyway, the tech press was all over yesterday’s launch event; iPhone in Canada rounded up some of the resulting hands-on videos—one of which I’ll re-post here, along with two others I found on my own.


via iVerge

And the inevitable gag where Jimmy Kimmel‘s crew gives people on the street an old iPhone and tells them it’s the new one.

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