Two Pro Tips for Pebblers

Pebble Listening

I’ve been enjoying my Pebble Time Steel for about a month now, but just this week I’ve made two startling new discoveries about it.

I had been lamenting how slow Pebble’s voice dictation was. To reply to an SMS or Google Hangout message you get to the screen you see here, say what you want to say and then wait an interminable amount of time for the lowly 100 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 to process it and send it to your phone.

Or so I thought.

Quite by accident I discovered that as soon as you’re done talking you can go ahead and press the center button on the right; your message will then be processed almost immediately—not as fast as a Snapdragon-powered Android Wear watch, but a lot faster than what I had become used to.

I’ve also come to realize that you can dictate punctuation to your Pebble. For example, if you say:

“Sorry comma running late period be there soon exclamation mark”

Your Pebble will produce the following string of text:

“Sorry, running late. Be there soon!”

Unless I’m mistaken, this is something that Android Wear cannot currently do. And the difference between a properly-formatted and grammatically correct message and the no-caps stream-of-consciousness rambling that I’m used to on Android is kind of a big deal. At least for me.

Maybe Pebblers who frequent these pages already knew this. I thought I’d share just in case someone, like me, didn’t. 😎


  1. Thanks for the TIP on pressing the centre button. I’ll use that next time. As for the second tip. Android Wear accept dictated punctuations marks and emotes. For example.

    “Sorry comma running late period Be there soon exclamation mark smiley face”


    “Sorry, running late. Be there soon! 🙂”

    1. Yeah, just tried dictating some punctuation directly to my Android phone and it worked. But I swear it never did on my LG G Watch. Guess I need to work on my mumbling…

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