What’s New in Android N

Android N screen grab

To say that Google caught the tech press off-guard yesterday is a bit of an understatement. Barely 24 hours after opening registration for the annual I/O conference in May a developer preview of Android N suddenly appeared, and the blogs I follow were all falling over each other in a mad dash to document its new features.

New in this latest iteration of Android OS is split-screen multitasking, night mode, refreshed quick settings toggles and more. And for users who want to live on the bleeding edge but don’t want to futz around with flashing system images, there’s a new Android Beta program; once your device is enrolled it will receive Android N as an OTA update. How cool is that?

I’ll be mostly linking to Android Police in this post—they do a particularly thorough job on stuff like this. However, for a quick video overview here’s The Verge:

Yes, I know… we agreed to boycott iVerge last year. But I’m still subscribed to their YouTube Channel, so it’s fair game. 😛

As for the deep dive into specific features, I might as well just point you to the specific posts in Android Police’s ongoing coverage

Split-Screen Multitasking And Picture-In-Picture Mode Finally Come To Android

Night Mode Is Back With Expanded Features Including A Red Filter And Lower Brightness

The New Quick Settings Menu Includes Mini-Toggles And Easy Editing

New Data Saver Option Reduces Data Usage On Limited Cellular Plans

Doze Will Now Work Whenever The Screen Is Off, Even When The Device Isn’t Stationary

Which Android N feature are you most excited about?

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