A Multimedia Round-up of Samsung’s New Flagships

VR headsets at Samsung Unpacked

It wasn’t the world’s first VR product launch, but I’m guessing it was slicker than the one from OnePlus.

Samsung’s new Galaxy phones were revealed over the weekend at Mobile World Congress. Sammy doesn’t seem to get much love around here—at least in the posts I’ve written about them—but for tens of millions of users worldwide Samsung is Android. And by that measure alone, any new flagship from them is a big deal.

So let’s see what’s new!

From what looks like Samsung’s offices in New York City, here’s Marques Brownlee with a typically excellent introduction to the new devices.

From the event’s show floor, Pocketnow’s Jaime Rivera asks the question that everyone’s thinking: How does Samsung’s latest fare against the iPhone?

The amount of MWC content coming out of Android Central has been staggering, and their team has devoted an entire podcast (audio only) to the S7 and S7 edge. You can listen to that episode right here.

Finally, for the true Samsung fanatic, here’s their entire one and a half hour livestream, uploaded to YouTube for the ages. You might also be able to relive the VR experience via the official Unpacked 360 View Android app. Enjoy!

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