Remix OS: Android for your Desktop Computer

Remix OS Desktop Interface

Remix OS is an intriguing spin on Android optimized for desktop computers, brought to you by a company called Jide. Its co-founders—Jeremy Chau, Ben Luk and David Ko—all worked for Google at some point, either in the USA or in China when for a brief moment Google had an official presence there. The idea for Remix OS was born when someone’s computer engineer dad bought a new laptop and had trouble finding the power button.

Remix OS replaces Android’s quick tiles with a proper system tray, and single full-screen apps with multiple windowed ones. There’s also support for keyboard shortcuts and right-clicking with a mouse. Remix will run on select ARM-powered tablets, Intel-powered desktop PCs or a USB stick for those faint of heart. Alternately, you can buy a mini PC with Remix already installed from Amazon or Amazon Canada.

I had a quick peek at the flashing instructions for the Nexus 9 tablet. They seem straightforward enough—just note that you’ll have to unzip your download and flash the partitions manually using fastboot, rather than installing a flashable zip via a custom recovery. And something else to think about: since you can’t flash a gapps package separately you’ll need to decide if you want to put your Google password in the hands of a company that’s not yet a member of the open handset alliance.

Such credentials are not required to do business in China, of course. And why shouldn’t we in the west also enjoy products developed for the world’s largest economy?

Read more about Jide and Remix OS at the links directly below.

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