Google to Mess with Nexus (again)?

Nexus "X"

Remember Android Silver, the “premium” Android handset program we first heard about back in the spring of 2014? The program that was ultimately scrapped but too late to give us anything other than the decidedly un-Nexus-y Moto Nexus 6 later that year?

This Nexus fan remembers.

Android Silver was never officially confirmed nor denied by Google, of course. But thanks in part to some additional scoops provided to Android Police the rumours first reported by paywalled site The Information came to be accepted as fact. Now, according to that same source, Google is intent on messing with Nexus again.

The scoop, republished by Android Authority, is that Google wants to start building Nexus hardware itself, as it did with the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C tablet. Why? To capture the same profits as Apple with the mark-ups on their iPhones, is my guess. That’s great news for Google and its shareholders; for users it means that OEMs will no longer be competing against each other for the prestige of producing a Nexus Phone.

Will this affect the quality of the hardware? No idea. As a Canadian I’ve never had the pleasure of using a Chromebook Pixel, and while the Pixel C is available for purchase here I can’t say that I’m especially interested in yet another tablet that I’m only ever going to use when my phone is on the charger. The Pixel C is also really expensive.

In a similar vein, we need to accept that the days of the affordable Nexus are clearly over; it’s no longer just a reference handset for software developers. If Google takes the reigns on design perhaps we’ll be able to enjoy a more consistent hardware experience from one generation to the next. I will definitely miss the anticipation of what the next Nexus will look like, though.

At the end of the day, so long as I can buy my Nexus direct from Google and unlock the bootloader I’m good. How about you? Would you be more or less likely to buy a Google-made Nexus?

Source: Android Authority

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