There’s Something Very Familiar About The New Samsung Flagships

Samsung Galaxy S7 Charging Port

Anyone waiting for the next iteration of Samsung’s non-stylus flagship—and bonus “edge” variant—won’t have to wait much longer. The King of Android OEMs will reveal all in a livestreamed event on Sunday, February 21st.

As you’d expect, both press renders and specs for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have already been leaked. There are actually a lot of familiar things about the new Galaxy flagships, but one for me stands out in particular: a decidedly olde-timey micro-USB charging port, rather than the new USB Type C.

For those with a large collection of micro-USB accessories—external batteries, car chargers, etc.—this is probably great news. On the other hand, USB-C is clearly the way of the future, frustrating as it may be today. Google has gone all-in on the new connector for their 2015 Nexuses and Pixel C tablet. Apple has USB-C and only USB-C on their latest laptop, and I seem to remember some European Union directive mandating Apple to switch to a “standard” connector for their phones by 2017.

Edit: A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that said directive was published in 2009 and named micro-USB as the proposed common external power supply.

I guess my question is, do you think Samsung’s new flagships should have USB-C, or do you even care?

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