If You Thought OnePlus Were Dirtbags…

Scumbag Xiaomi

… Be grateful you’re not a Xiaomi user.

Back in the day when their “flagship killer” slogan actually had some merit, OnePlus took a fair amount of heat for the way they sold phones, and deservedly so. The dreaded invite system was bad enough, but a would-be customer would often have to jump through additional hoops just to get an invite—retweeting an ad, liking a Facebook Page, posting on their forums, that sort of thing.

It’s recently come to light that fellow Chinese OEM Xiaomi is also making users jumps through hoops, for phones that those users already own.

Xiaomi, it seems, has decided to lock down the bootloaders of its popular devices, including the Redmi Note Pro, Mi 4c, and Mi Note Pro. For any Android modder this is bad news; what’s worse is that some bootloaders are being locked down via a software update, unbeknownst to the user until it’s too late.

Fortunately these bootloaders can still be unlocked, but this is where the dirtbaggery comes in. Like Motorola, unlocking the bootloader on a Xiaomi device requires a code from the manufacturer. Unlike Moto, getting a code from Xiaomi can take up to three weeks. And that’s not even the worst part… You can bypass the wait by professing your love for Xiaomi on their online forums; once you reach a certain rank your account gets whitelisted and you get moved to the front of the line.

This practice has the unfortunate side effect of making the Xiaomi forums increasingly useless, as more and more of what you’ll read there is manufactured fanboyism by users whose only goal is to up their ranking so they can get an unlock code and make their hardware their own. Think about how much these forums would suck if such a thing were to happen here.

Source: Android Police

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