Android 6 Custom ROMs: Pure Nexus Project

Pure Nexus App

Did you think I was done with Marshmallow Android custom ROMs after my less-than-stellar experience with the latest CyanogenMod nightlies? Well, I’m not. Here’s one more, the AOSP-based Pure Nexus Project. It’s currently the most popular Nexus 6P ROM on XDA, and for the foreseeable future will be powering my own daily driver.

At first glance, the only unique thing about it seems to be an app linking to the developer’s social media accounts. I wonder what would happen if I tapped on that hamburger menu?

Pure Nexus App Menu

Ah, there we go… all the little customizations that make a custom ROM so great. The ones I’ve come to expect are all present and accounted for, including a “close all” option in the recents menu and cursor keys in the navigation bar while typing. As an added bonus you also get a KitKat-style sound toggle between vibration and silent mode—a welcome change after having to put up with this dubious Lollipop “feature”.

Pure Nexus Doze Mode

Battery life on Pure Nexus has so far been more than acceptable. Here you can see Doze doing its thing, while the phone’s owner does the same. I can’t brag about screen-on time just yet, as I’ve yet to fully deplete the battery. I’ll keep an eye out.

Pure Nexus Performance

No complaints about performance, either. Here are the AnTuTu benchmark results of my phone compared to a typical Moto Nexus 6—my numbers are no doubt boosted by the fact that this ROM doesn’t force full disk encryption.

In fact, on this particular test my 6P scored higher than both the Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5, ranking just below the Huawei Mate 8. I’m definitely ok with that.

I’m likewise definitely okay with the Pure Nexus Project. It’s been rock solid since installation, and the developer is planning a version that supports the CyanogenMod Theme Engine (it currently supports RRO Layers).

Download the Pure Nexus Project for the 6P on XDA, or find a download link for your device (sorry, Nexuses only) via the developer’s Google+ Community.

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