“The Loaner”

Rogers Loaner Phone

I came across a story on reddit yesterday that’s just too good not to share.

It seems that a Rogers subscriber of some 15 years suddenly found himself with a dead LG G4. After a phone call to tech support and a visit to two separate Rogers stores it was determined that the phone needed to be sent in for repair.

Repair time was estimated at about three weeks. And what was this customer to do in the meantime with their $100+ per month phone plan? Pony up a $50 deposit for what you see here, the fabled Rogers “loaner” phone.

The Loaner has a 3 inch screen. It’s a a touch screen phone just barely, it crawls along at the pace of an old man running a marathon. It’s legit the biggest piece of shit I’ve seen in years. The employees told me it’s used to be a Pay As You Go phone from 2009 or so. It’s running one of the first versions of Android but with it’s tiny screen you can barely see anything and typing would be possible if I had toothpicks for fingers.

In a reply to his own post (I’m assuming it’s a “he” because of the hairy arm in the photo) (not judging, though) the redditor goes on to say that after calling retentions he was presented with another option: a premium service that would get a refurbished LG G4 mailed to him in a few days, at a cost of only $35. This premium service is apparently so secret that the reps at the store didn’t even know about it. For a Big Three carrier that sounds about right.

Anyway, read more at the link directly below—and be prepared for some NSFW language which, for a frustrated Big Three subscriber, sounds about right. 😉

Source: r/Canada

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