A Year in Review: Winter, 2015


In these last few days leading up to December 25th I’m not anticipating much in the way of smartphone news. And since I’ll also be going on holiday at the end of the week I thought it might be a good time for a quick look back to reflect on the year we’re leaving behind.

As you can hopefully appreciate, there are a lot of news round-ups to pore through—too many, I reckon, to present all of 2015 in one go. So today we’re setting our wayback machine to winter.


This was largely a month of rumours. One of them, about a mysterious new wireless service from Google, turned out to be true. The other, about Samsung’s $7.5 billion acquisition of BlackBerry, has yet to happen. Speaking of Samsung, there was some serious talk about them losing their title as the world’s number one smartphone OEM, largely thanks to Apple’s success in mainland China.

We also got a leak of what would eventually become to be known as the HTC’s 2015 flagship, the One M9.

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Regulatory and revelatory—that’s the best way to describe what went down this month.

Users were shocked to find out that the world’s largest SIM card manufacturer had been compromised by the NSA. Industry Canada announced the participants in its auction of AWS-3 spectrum. There was a big win for Net Neutrality in the United States, while Bell Canada sought an appeal for the CRTC ruling against its own zero-rated video-streaming service.

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This month saw the release of at least one hot phone—literally. It was bad enough that the HTC One M9 could easily be mistaken for 2014’s One M8, but the most burning questions (see what I did there?) were about it’s super-hot Snapdragon 810 processor.

Though both Samsung and LG had new devices of their own to show off at Mobile World Congress, it was apparently VR that stole the show. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, Meerkat had it’s Cinderella moment, prompting some to say that the age of mobile video had finally arrived.

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Did I miss anything important for January through March, 2015? Let me know!

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