By The Numbers: The 5 Best Smartphones of 2015

I know, I know… the very premise of lists like these is faulty. Who could possibly be so presumptuous as to survey the vast and diverse market of smartphones, the most personal of personal computers and tell anyone what’s “best” for them?

This list is a little different, though. Produced by Australian YouTuber Dagogo Altraide for his channel, ColdFusion TV, it uses statistical data from multiple sources to arrive at the result—not something that you usually see from the tech press.

Here are the 10 data points used to generate the list:

  1. Stuff
  2. Tom’s Hardware
  3. Pocket Lint
  4. PC Advisor
  5. Tech Radar
  6. The Verge
  7. WIRED
  8. CNET
  9. Engadget
  10. Gizmodo Australia (source for data points 6 through 10)

The results were then tallied as follows: The number one smartphone from each site was given 5 points, number two given 4 points, number three 3 points, and so on. The numbers were added up and voilà—the top 5 scoring phones made the list. Math ftw!

Here’s the almost-seven-minute video in its entirety:

What’s that? You just wanna know what the top 5 are? Fine:

  1. iPhone 6s
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6
  3. Huawei Nexus 6P
  4. LG G4
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It’s worth reiterating that “best” is entirely subjective. I think you’ll get the most value from using this list as a guide—try out any of the phones above and see if it makes for a good fit; if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for!

To see Dagogo’s other videos check out ColdFusion TV on YouTube, and/or follow him on Twitter.

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