Adventures in SIM Card Cutting

The Mission

Exactly one week from today, after I write my final blog post and news round-up of the year, I’ll be heading to the airport with my better half for our annual holiday trip across the Pacific. And me, being someone who likes to plan well ahead, has a pair of Hong Kong Tourist SIMs ready to go for the moment we land.

Little did I know when I bought them in HK last year that I’d be returning this year with a phone that uses a Nano SIM. The SIMs I bought are Mini/Micro only.

But hey, I’m the guy who plans well ahead, remember? I got my Nexus 6 back in August, so there was plenty of time to order and receive this SIM cutter from eBay. I finally got around to trying it out yesterday; the results weren’t quite what I was hoping for.

The Big Moment

The cutter works in a manner similar to a three-hole punch—anyone remember those? This particular model is able to stamp out Micro SIMs from Minis and Nano SIMs from Micros. Fortunately I have lots of used travel SIMs to practice on; here’s the moment of truth with the first one.

The Result

That… doesn’t… look… right…

More Results

After three more tries with additional practice SIMs it became increasingly apparent that this thing was a piece of crap. There’s no way I would ever risk damaging my phone’s SIM slot by trying to cram one of these horribly mangled abominations into it.

My options at this point are to see if my local repair shop can do a better job of cutting the SIM, or just take a spare phone with me and use its Micro SIM slot until I can buy a proper Nano SIM. My OnePlus One supports LTE
Bands 3 and 7 and has never actually had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong… so a spare phone it is!

And next time I should probably search the forums before ordering anything from eBay—although the SIM cutter mentioned in this thread doesn’t look all that different from mine.

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