This is Madness. This is Canada.

Pricing for Visitors to Canada

I’ve twice had the pleasure of using Roam Mobility in the United States. This MVNO uses the T-Mobile network to provide Canadians visiting the USA with unlimited LTE data for $4 USD per day. At current exchange rates that’s not as cheap as Rogers’ Roam Like Home, but if you have an unlocked phone and are not a Rogers customer I think it’s your best bet.

Now Roam Mobility is available for Americans visiting Canada. You can tell that they’ve partnered with a Big Three Carrier because (1) they’re offering LTE data, and (2) the plans are absolute shit.

If you’re having trouble reading the screen grab above, I’ll spell it out for you:

7 days – 500 MB of data – $26.95 USD
14 days – 500 MB of data – $37.95 USD
21 days – 500 MB of data – $49.95 USD

With 500 MB of data you can perform up to 5 speed tests (if you turn the graphics off) and then regale friends back home with stories about how our LTE networks are slightly faster than yours. Seriously, as someone on vacation I’d be okay with 500 MB per day, but per week? This is madness.

But this is also Canada, where carriers regularly advertise monthly plans with 500 MB of data per month, as if everything’s fine and we’re all still in 2006 using BlackBerries on BIS.

I suspect that any American carrier would offer a better roaming package than what Roam Mobility has cooked up—in fact, T-Mobile USA allows their subscribers to roam here for free. I can’t fault Roam Mobility for trying; if nothing else they’re at least offering visitors an authentic Canadian mobile experience. 😉

Source: Roam Mobility via iPhone in Canada, Mobile Syrup

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