What Mobile Services Are You Willing To Pay For?

YouTube Red

A breaking scoop from the Wall Street Journal last night: Apparently YouTube is in talks with Hollywood to bring streaming movies and TV shows to its paid subscription service, YouTube Red.

I wasn’t aware of this, but Google—sorry, Alphabet, Inc.—has been quietly poaching executives from MTV and Netflix. Now, according to the WSJ, they’re meeting with studios and production companies to consider pitches and license existing content.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. As the most popular video streaming service in the world, YouTube already features clips from popular TV shows; why not the full shows as well? It would be one more compelling reason for me to consider YouTube Red if it ever came to Canada.

This got me thinking about the other ongoing services that I’m willing to pay for.

Pushbullet is definitely not one of them, at least with its current pricing scheme. But I did take advantage of a special offer on Feedly Pro—rather than pony up for an ongoing monthly or yearly subscription I opted for a one-time fee. I think it was $30? It has paid off, I think, in the links I find and post to the news round-ups here.

I also pay for a yearly subscription to Evernote Plus. For me it seems to be the easiest way to collect links and story ideas from my phone, tablet and/or desktop computer. It also happens to integrate quite well with Feedly.

And again, I’d absolutely be willing to give YouTube Red at least a try, if only to get rid of the supremely annoying pre-roll ads. There’s an Xposed module called YouTube AdAway that’s supposed to take care of that, but it hasn’t worked reliably for me in the past.

Everyone’s needs are different, of course. So I’m wondering… what ongoing mobile services do you pay for, and why? And no, your carrier plan doesn’t count. 😛

Source: Wall Street Journal (learn how to bypass its paywall here)

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