An Introduction to the Indian Smartphone Market

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Something a little different today… I’m going to highlight a recent feature that Android Central did on India.

I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting this part of the world myself, but according to AC’s new India correspondent it’s now the number two smartphone market in the world, surpassed only by China. There’s actually some contention about this; other sources say that India won’t snatch the number two spot from the USA for another year or so. The important thing is that the region is seeing a huge amount of growth as more and more of its citizens get connected. It sounds like an exciting place to be!

As in other parts of the world, Samsung is far and away the number one smartphone OEM. Taking the number two and three spots are Micromax and Intex, both local companies. As you can imagine, Chinese OEMs are licking their chops at the prospect of such a large and still largely-untapped smartphone market. Whereas the locals have experienced 48% year-over-year growth Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei and OnePlus together saw a 97% increase in sales this past year.

The country’s carriers are, in order of market share, airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Reliance and the state-owned BSNL. The bad news is that airtel is currently the only carrier offering 4G data. Also, because India is, well… enormous, there can be dropped calls and other connectivity issues depending on where you are. The good news is that service is incredibly cheap—the equivalent of $3 USD can get you up to 3 GB of data!

Like I say I’ve never visited India myself; if you’ve any wisdom to share about using a smartphone there I’d love to hear about it. And for anyone interested in reading the entire Android Central feature, please see the link immediately below.

Source: Android Central

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